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Reasons to be cheerful!

In the midst of our lockdown new life is springing up!
The hedgerows are coming to life with primroses
My daily walk has taken me through Eggworthy…
St Michael de Rupe looks really close in this picture but it’s probably 10 miles away
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Sunday Morning

As clocks leap forward

To embrace the rising sun

We too, O Lord, need your embrace

To calm us, and to steel us

For coming days of chill.

Wrap us in a love for friend, stranger and neighbour,

Distanced and isolated from each other

But one in determination to wash well,

Stay home and see this thing is done.


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Solitary Daily Walk

My daily exercise was cheered by the sight of these flowers. I continue to pray for everyone I know who is suffering from the pandemic and for all those who are in the frontline for us at this time. Stay home. Stay safe. Help our NHS.

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Time to preach at myself…again

A critique of my own hypocrisy

1. Put away the Christmas jumper

Tear the tinsel from the tree

Holy innocence soon after

Brings to mind reality

2. Stuff the turkey and the pudding

Strip away the mince pies too

Online shopping boxing clever

Is the milieu for the few_

3. Whose consumption melts our planet

Heating up a winter storm

Rising seas from polar meltdown

Gives us pause to let us mourn:

4. How our stewardship is awful

Of God’s gifts, we should be wise:

We as authors, our misfortune

Brings about our own demise.

5. Help us write a script more wholesome

We the foe, not plastic bags.

Urgent change our habits shaping

Failing which buy more sandbags.

© Nick Shutt 2019

8787 (Through the night of doubt and sorrow)

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Back in business

This is Fern, the Springer Spaniel

It has taken me some months to get back to my website with the delay being caused by the loss of my login details which I was pleased to retrieve from GSLMedia today. After a number of updates, the site seems to be working albeit with some new features and gremlins that I’ve not seen before. I am therefore as well informed as Fern…

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