Quiet Days

Let’s face it, quiet days are not my default choice of a way to spend a day. However, forcing myself to attend such a day does me good and I always come away feeling better for it.  Such were my feelings about attending the most recent Bishop’s Quiet day in Exeter Cathedral. Texts from Genesis 3 and Genesis 33 did not look like promising soil for contemplation but I was wrong:

I am, you are.
I AM, the answer to my prayer. 
“Where are you?”
Naked truth covers my shame.
Slithering, sloping shoulders
Recoil in anger, protests against
“What have you done?”
AM I, my brother’s keeper?
AM I, the face of God
“What is your name?”
To wrestle meaning as
Daybreak dawns, dislocating
Humanity, wrestling forgiveness

My life to preserve

I AM my brother’s keeper.

(C) Nick Shutt 2017

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