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Vanishing point – my biker friends will understand.

Vanishing Point


I talked of gravel, manholes, lids and rain.

While he sipped coffee

Speechless. Listening.


I boasted of endless rides, of sweeping corners, knee down.

While he smiled slowly

Motionless. Thinking.


I showed my gear, my leathers, boots and gloves

While he stared out of the café window

Contemplating the road.


I bragged of bikes past owned and those still coveted

While he tapped his fingers

On the table rhythmically.


At last he turned his loving eye to me. He spoke:

“The vanishing point is all you need.

Look beyond that and live.”


© Nick Shutt 2016.



A Hymn in response to the bickering US Presidential Campaign.

What me?

Change the world? No, change me first!

Give us eyes to see

Prayer in action calls us forth

To be more like Thee.


Stop the War? No, calm me first!

Give us ears to hear

Inner voices that seek peace

Bringing that Day near.


Stop the Hate? No, start with me!

Give us hands that share

All the gifts You give to us

Let us not despair.


Christ in us! How can that be?

Godhead humbled, see

Emptied, Jesus on a Cross

Just to set us free?


Glory to the Father, Son,

Holy Spirit, be

Ever present in our lives

Change us round to see.


© Nick Shutt 2016.

(7575 Take this moment)