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Church Opening

Church Opening

The Sunlight flickers, casting discernment

Through the ancient oaken half opened door.

A cumulus cluster cancels chances

Of brightness reaching to the nave once more.


The stale air of centuries lingers on

Begrudging the open door, the new breeze

Battling the fug of dull, dying decay

Where languid lotus eaters lay, at ease.


The damp, the dust, the sense of stillness poised

To herald bats and silent bells to ring.

Pews polished, prayer books piled in readied rows

To hand to those who would in silence sing.


But no one comes to silence solitude

While lath and plaster, with peeling purpose,

Drops down, dangling: decay before unseen

Eyes, hearts and minds; expired, time usurps us.


© Nick Shutt 2016.

A stormy 20th August 2016 (Saturday afternoon) in Walkhampton Church, manning the church opening between 2-4pm waiting for anyone to turn up! No one came!