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I have just stoned 240 plums. I’m not sure which is sadder…doing the job or knowing how many I have stoned? The remaining plums on the tree can wait until dusk when the wasp-fest should have finished…

More Tea Vicar?

I can’t think why but recent gifts seem to have a consistent theme to them…

More Tea Vicar


My 2 year old plum tree is so full of plums that it is self-destructing with branches splitting and groaning under the weight of fruit!


Lest we forget…


Looking around Walkhampton tonight there are some lights in windows and many lights are turned off. In other houses life goes on as normal – I guess just as it did 100 years ago….


At 23.00 the moon appeared from behind the clouds and then disappeared again just like the lights going out all over Europe…

Geocaching on Dartmoor

What a good way to encourage some reluctant young walkers to get out: Geocaching on Dartmoor. Being new to this it is a bit of fun but some of the clues are more difficult than a cryptic crossword!


follow the coordinates…

then negotiate some obstacles…



Find the Cache!



Open it!


Record your findings!


Then replace it carefully where you found it….Then on to the next one…

_DSF9830 _DSF9831  _DSF9826

Job done!