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Mixed Feelings

Seeing a pair of Cuckoos this morning, perched in a small bush, was rather exceptional. It gave me a buzz as I looked through my binoculars… but then I scanned and saw, completely obliviously to what was happening, a pipit wandering underneath them. I had a feeling that I knew what was likely to happen next…an unexpected visitor to her nest…

Great day for taking a Spaniel on a 6 mile walk..

Spaniels have no idea how to pace themselves. I am now looking at a worn out dog who zoomed around all morning on our walk down from Princetown to Walkhampton along the railway line, via Foggintor and Kings Tor. I walked 6 miles I’m guessing she walked at least double that!


Walk, Talk, & Tea

A wonderful walk through our Devon Countryside this afternoon. With only one shower all afternoon!

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Cross ‘n Bridge

Dartmoor Cross&Bridge013.jpgDartmoor Cross&Bridge018.jpgDartmoor Cross&Bridge019.jpg

Which Beach shall we go to? How about the one next to the Oil Refinery?

It struck me as incongruous that people would want to spend a day on the beach with any Oil Refinery as backdrop…

Oil Refinery

Shame I’m not the shadow of my former self

I wish I could say I am the shadow of my former self following my holiday…but the reality is somewhat different…


Mount Etna Conquered

Boy was it cold on top of Mount Etna! The volcano may steam on top but it was blowing a gale and absolutely freezing as we were 3,000 metres up!

Here’s Corinne ‘enjoying’ the experience…

Corinne on Mount Etna

Barone Beneventano di Bosco invites ‘the birders’ to dinner


What a great way to finish a holiday – Dinner with the Barone in his Palace in Siracusa!

This is no Padstow Pasty Pincher…

Audouin's Gull

Audouin’s Gull

There are only 10,000 of these Gulls in the world – and that is a recovery from near extinction in the 1960’s when numbers got down to 1,000.

Great to see a few of them close up in Sicily!…And no they don’t eat ice cream or pasties, only fish…