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made the mistake of telling a funeral director that when I’d done today’s 2 I had a blank funeral diary…got home the phone rang…another one…should have known…


It’s turning out to be far too busy with funerals this month. I hope things calm down a bit… soon…


Walking along the railway track was interesting, dealing with the thin covering of snow and the black ice. The roads were worse, with sheet ice where the rain had frozen… and more promised for Friday! At least the dog enjoyed it!


Today is MCC – not Marylebone Cricket Club – but Morning Prayer (M) Communion (C) and Curry (C) – but not all at the same time…


Monochrome slate grey skies while walking the dog only broken by a flying heron…also slate grey…

BMW Motorbikes

Called in to Ocean BMW as dashboard alerted me to blown rear bulb. Seems holder has corroded and battery flat! Fixed 1 hr 30 later – no charge! Part on order! Great service.

John Barry

He who wrote the James Bond theme also wrote some cracking good stuff. Check out ‘Returning Home’

New Year's Day 2013

New Year’s Day 2013

Like the sun in the morning sky,

The Saviour of the world will dawn;

like rain upon the meadows,

the Christ will come down upon us.